Online Admissions
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Greetings to you all students and guardians

School is important because it provides the learner with the necessary tools to do many things. It builds the foundation to read, to write to think and to critically analyse to express creativity. It is much more than just grades and marks as it is in school that we take the first steps towards building relationships. It is in school that students are exposed to a variety of activities, ideas and different fields of knowledge.


School is the most important source of knowledge that children are exposed to and education is all about learning skills and knowledge. It means helping people to learn how to do things and it is important for educators to find ways and means to impart knowledge effectively to students.


Our school aims to impart quality education to the young minds so that they can become better citizens able to discern right from wrong. It is our endeavour to teach our students social and mental skills as this will be a crucial factor for their growth and success in the future. It is our priority to build up confidence in our students so that they become responsible citizens in the future. Our objective is to mould them into emotionally and intellectually mature individuals who can handle the pressures of modern life. The school’s mission is to promote learning by students and faculty. We are committed to be an accessible and inclusive school that will reach out to improve the lives and opportunities of students.

Mrs R.Gracesila Kharbithai.